PM Improvement

Improving the effectiveness of your projects? Taking full advantage of project management best practices? URL.INC helps you to implement best project management practices organisation-wide.

Sometimes it takes a fresh pair of eyes to put things into perspective. Do you need a positive and critical view and insight for your organisation's project management approach? URL.INC provides an objective analysis; identifying and mapping both areas for improvement and strengths. With these reports you will know exactly what is going on. From starting - to end situation, and all steps in between. Of course, we will conclude with formulating concrete solutions and recommendations for improvements and optimisations. Click here for more information.

Improvement of project management approaches requires change. Change requires a clear vision and a concrete plan. And above all, priorities must be defined in line with expected timing and available resources. URL.INC will establish a realistic action plan for project management improvement. Together with the executive team we will define the vision and goals for improvement. We will make them measurable so success can be tracked in terms of benefits achieved. We will define realistic estimates of budget and timing. A plan for improvement will guide the whole organisation through the change.  

Change triggers resistance. Resistance must be overcome to realise the full potential of the change. URL.INC has a vast experience in managing project management change programs. We will anticipate the difficulties and provide subject matter expertise. This way we will accelerate the realisation of the benefits in your organisation. 

We have already completed a lot of project management improvement programmes with great customer satisfaction. Want to know more about what added value we can give you? Feel free to contact us.