PM as a Service

Want it all? Staff your department with a team of skilled project managers and support? And improve the effectiveness of your projects? And implement best practices?

URL.INC will be your all-in-one partner for project management services. 

With project management as a service you will move from hiring project managers to buying services.

Project management as a service is a totally new way of working. It is especially beneficial for organisations that work with many (external) project managers. URL.INC will be your all-in-one provider of project management services; project management staffing, project management improvement and  project management office.

Services are listed in a service catalogue. Pricing is based on service levels. Service performance is monitored against agreed performance indicators. Everything is clearly documented in a project management service agreement.

We are running project management as a service with great customer satisfaction. We can assure you that! Seeing is believing? Want to know more about what added value we can give you? Feel free to contact us.